New Service Implementation: The importance of business aspects in service design practice

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/HDK - Högskolan för design och konsthantverk

Author: Mireia Pumarola; [2016-10-20]

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Abstract: My research originates from the situation service design agencies are currently challenging: the dilemma of service implementation after being launched. This thesis provides an understanding of the stage between the moment those agencies deliver a service to their clients and the organizational change needed for the client to be better able to embrace the designed service. Specifically, I look at the problems that business and service designers encounter when implementing services to their client’s organization, and how the clients can carry out the implementation requirements of these services. The case study of my thesis is Fjord– the design and innovation firm, which is currently undertaking projects related to the topic area of my thesis. In my research, I have conducted several interviews with Fjord employees. Large organizations need to address innovation, customer centricity, and collaboration differently, as well as acquire certain skills and tools to develop a new mindset and new ways of working. Consequently, the organization will be better able to understand and implement the services that agencies like Fjord have tailored for them.

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