Funktionaliteten i skogsmaskiners GIS-system

University essay from SLU/School for Forest Management

Abstract: Holmen Skog is currently using a GPS-program called TraktInfo, originally developed within the company. They are now planning to switch to a new GPSprogram or allowing the contractors to buy other programs available from the logging equipment manufacturers. To be able to offer this flexibility, Holmen Skog needs to obtain information about the features offered by the different manufacturers in their specific programs, and also when the manufacturers are planning to start selling programs adapted to the new standard called StanFord2010. According to the study, the manufacturers are hesitant to StanFord2010 and there has also been a lack of clear signals from the customers and clients about what kind of different new features to include in the programs. The feature most frequently used by forest machine operators today is the option to keep record of the harvester’s path by creating a “log plot”. This feature was not used to its full potential however, since only one out of eight of the forwarders included in the study had computers that were compatible with the harvester’s computer. Clearly, the operators also need more training in how to use all functions in the programs to be able to maximize the benefits. The contractors also need to invest in new computers for their forwarders so that the systems are compatible with the harvesters. The main difference between Holmen Skog’s own GIS-program and the logging equipment manufacturers (i.e. John Deere with TimberNavi, Rottne with GeoInfo, Ponsse with FC-GIS, and Valmet with MaxiN) was that some of the logging equipment manufacturer’s systems allowed the harvester operator to export prifiles to the forwarder. The forwarder operator could then use the files to get information about the total harvested volume at a given coordinate. Many of the brands also had the option to add a function in the program to “auto-rotate” the map to be able to display the path of the machine in a convenient way. There seems to be an intention to make it possible to upgrade the systems of some machines as the new standard is developed.

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