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  1. 1. Predicting the outcome of IVF treatments using forward selection regression and linear discriminant analysis

    University essay from Lunds universitet/Matematisk statistik

    Author : Agnes Ekman; Linnéa Fahlberg; [2022]
    Keywords : Mathematics and Statistics;

    Abstract : As more and more In Vitro Fertilizaiton (IVF) treatments are performed each year, there is a need to better predict the outcomes of different stages of the treatment and hence get a better understanding of which hormonal and physical parameters affect the treatment outcome and in what way. In this study, the effect of interaction between baseline AMH (anti-mullerian hormone) and DFI (DNA fragmentation index) on the chance of obtaining at least one good quality embryo was investigated, but no significance was found. READ MORE

  2. 2. Effekt av tid mellan avlivning och spermieextraktion : om spermiekvalitet hos tjurens bitestikelspermier

    University essay from SLU/Dept. of Clinical Sciences

    Author : Alexandra Walfridsson; [2021]
    Keywords : tjur; bitestikel; motilitet; spermier; post mortem;

    Abstract : Uppsamling av spermier från bitestikeln post mortem är en bra teknik för att bevara viktigt genetiskt material från individer som är värdefulla ur avelssynpunkt och/ eller vilda djur. Djur dör dock inte nödvändigtvis i nära anslutning till ett laboratorium med rätt utrustning och resurser för att ta till vara materialet. READ MORE

  3. 3. Early Stage Venture Capital in Emerging Markets : Case study Kenya

    University essay from KTH/Fastigheter och byggande

    Author : William Jilltoft; Emil Westman; [2016]
    Keywords : Venture Capital; Emerging Markets; Equity Gap; Riskkapital; Tillväxtmarknader; Finansieringsgap;

    Abstract : This study investigates which mechanisms that needs to be improved in order to facilitate more early stage venture capital (VC) investments on emerging markets. For this purpose a qualitative case study of the VC scene in Nairobi, Kenya was performed. READ MORE

  4. 4. Development Finance Institutions’ Effect on The Fund Manager’s Investment Decisions : Balancing Financial Performance Goals and Development Impact Objectives

    University essay from Umeå universitet/Företagsekonomi

    Author : Alexander Adolfssson; Marie Åström; [2016]
    Keywords : DFI; Development Finance Institutions; MDFI; Multilateral Development Finance Institutions; SEE; SRI; Socially Responsible Invesments; CSR; NGO; SIDA; DEG; FM; SME; Multiplier Effect; Agent Theory; Stakeholder Theory; Qualitative; Subjectivism; Objectivism; Postitivsm; Intepretivism; Investment Behavior; Standard Asset Pricing Model; ESG; Sin Industries; Principle-agent Theory; Positivist Agent Thoery; Agent Conflict; Incentives; Investment Behvaior; Optimal contracts; Descriptive Stakeholder Thoery; Convergent Stakeholder Theory; Stakeholder; Shareholder; Financial Performance; Development Impact; Hands-off model; Direct-involvement model; Affirmative Behavior; Aviodance Behavior; Tripple Bottom Line; Agent; Principle; Control; Fund Manager;

    Abstract : Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) have played a crucial role in moving socially responsibility considerations up on the private equity industry’s agenda. DFIs add a development impact criterion to traditional financial performance goals in the investment industry and play a catalytic role by mobilizing other investors. READ MORE

  5. 5. Halomax® as a method for chromatin staining in cat sperm

    University essay from SLU/Dept. of Clinical Sciences

    Author : Agnes Sjödahl; [2015]
    Keywords : Halomax®; chromatin staining; spermatozoa; cat;

    Abstract : Wild felids all over the world are threatened by extinction. As a part of the preservation task concerning those species, in zoos as well as in situ in their wild habitat, the use of assisted reproduction technology (ART) is explored, e. g. artificial insemination (AI) and in vitro fertilization (IVF). READ MORE