The new gatekeepers of fashion week : A qualitative study of the influencers role at fashion week

University essay from Högskolan i Borås/Akademin för textil, teknik och ekonomi

Abstract: Aim of the research: This research aims to create an understanding for the new ways in which global fashion influencers’ attending fashion week are contributing to the presentation of it as gatekeepers and distributors of information and fashion knowledge, and how this rolea dds new perspectives to how fashion week is presented. Method: The research has been limited to analysing the material of six global fashion influencers, with a total following of 28 million people, during the major fashion weeks of Spring/Summer 2017 and Autumn/Winter 2017. The material has been collected and analyzed using a qualitative content analysis, also called ethnographic content analysis, with focus on distinguishing common characteristics in the text. Findings: The results have shown that the fashion influencers have contributed to the presentation of fashion week in several new ways, with the greatest characteristic being sharing a broad picture of what is going on during fashion week. The influencers are also sharing insight to exclusive fashion shows and events that have traditionally not been shared with the public. More over, the fashion influencers are sharing their personal perspectives and experiences of fashion week as well as their personal taste and opinions regarding fashion trends and other things. They are also adding a new commercial and promotional focus while presenting an idealized image of fashion week to their followers. The findings are indicated that the fashion influencers have established an important role at fashion week, which in turnis affecting the presentation of it. Contributions: The findings presented in this research can be of relevance for those who wants to understand the fashion influencers’ role during fashion week, for instance fashion brands and designers who wishes to learn how to engage with the fashion influencers’ from a business and marketing perspective. Considering social media and the fashion influencers affecting the presentation of fashion week as societal changes, the findings can also be relevant for fashion researchers who wishes to understand how these changes are affecting the presentation of fashion week and the fashion industry.

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