The pre-purchase journey of online shopping : A study of Swedish consumers’ online shopping pre-purchase phase

University essay from Högskolan i Halmstad/Akademin för ekonomi, teknik och naturvetenskap

Abstract: With changing environments and the development of technology, the online marketplace is a relevant field in need of continuous study. As consumer act and behave differently due to cultural aspects as well as individual characteristics and external influences, there is a need for research in order to understand their behavior in this changing marketplace. This paper investigates the elements of Swedish online consumers’ pre-purchase journeys, and sought out to contribute in terms of illustrating the online shopping journey in today’s online environment from a consumer perspective. It does so based on a quantitative study in the form of an online survey based on 265 Swedish respondents. The findings and contribution add information to the field of online shopping as well as mention some differences among online shoppers, mainly in terms of gender. In addition to contributing in terms of the different elements and steps involved in the online shopping journey, a model is presented illustrating the steps in a more fluid depiction that recognizes several touchpoints across the journey. The limitations are indicated in terms of time and scope, as well as in terms of relying on quantitative findings to a great extent. Future recommendations suggest continuous research in terms of the online shopping journey, as well as the combination with qualitative research in order to strengthen the method. The study contributions can be both managerial as well as for practitioners in terms contributing to existing research and providing a simple yet comprehensive illustration of the online consumer journey.

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